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WFSU Public Radio /Television

Membership Fundraising: Print / Mail / Electronic
WFSU Public Radio /Television


Membership Public Radio Station Renewal Forms

Vertical Market:

Membership Fundraising


WFSU in Tallahassee

Program Objectives:

To get members of WFSU to renew their membership (with increasing membership donations) and continue to support public radio.


#10 Window envelope, #9 reply envelope, 8.5 x 14 custom full color form, color buckslip, data processing (CASS, NCOA, DPV, LACS, Presort), variable digital imaging, folding, inserting and delivery to the post office within 24 hours.


SouthWest Direct was able to successfully send out 30,000 renewal documents annually for WFSU. These projects were always completed on time and within budget.


Customer Benefits: Improved efficiency in print and mail processing and a reduction of in house costs for the client while continuing to see improved membership renewal rates and donations.