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University of Miami

High Education; Alumni Fundraising
University Miami Case Study


University of Miami Winter Campaign

Vertical Market:

High Education; Alumni Fundraising


University of Miami

Program Objectives:

Alumni participation and retention.


#10 closed face or window envelope, 8.5 x 14 full color letter #9 reply envelope, data processing (CASS, NCOA, DPV, LACS, Presort), folding, collating, house holding, inserting and delivery to the post office by state mandated deadline.


Direct Mail Project Letter From Jesi Price - Quantity - 25,685

Number of drop dates for this letter package based on two targeted segments. Lybunts - 10,737 and used a nonprofit stamp; Sybunts - 14,948 and used a nonprofit stamp.

Components of Jesi package: Lybunts - #10 closed face envelope, 4 colors; Sybunts - #10 window envelope - 4 colors, #9 reply envelope - 1 color on face 8.5 x 14.25 letter/response form, 4 colors over 1 colors on 60# opaque

There was a total of 2 campaigns each with 20,294 names. The campaigns were themed around the 2 direct mail campaigns with the first email blast to 20,294 addresses coordinated with expected mail delivery dates. A second email blast to 17,908 was dropped several weeks later


Customer Benefits:Alumni fund raising participation and retention.