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Targeted Mailing Lists

The best way for your marketing campaign to be effective is to find people who want to hear about your product. Southwest Direct recognizes this simple truth and utilizes targeted mailing lists to enable our clients to find those who want to hear your message.

Reach Your Target Audience

Targeted mailing lists are ideal for reaching a well-defined market. Using publicly available information such as telephone listings, voter registrations and self-reported surveys, Southwest Direct is able to compile targeted mailing lists that can be subdivided into highly defined segments. These segments inform marketers as to the age, relative income, geography and family size of the mailing list. Our team matches up your specific needs with the demographic which is most likely to respond to your message.

Traditional direct mailing lists rely on sheer numbers to reach the desired audience. Targeting your specified segment decreases your overall costs and increases the probability of your marketing campaign being a success.

Mailing Lists Sample