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Rasmussen College

Lead Generation within the Hispanic Community
Rasmussen College


"Take the Next Step" Campaign

Vertical Market:

Higher Education


Rasmussen College; Aurora, IL Campus

Program Objectives:

Increase leads and enrollments for the Aurora, IL campus

Target Audience:

Hispanic Females 21-39, select zips


Folded 4/4 Self Mailer with perforated BRC, 2600 pieces and Personalized URL microsite


Aurora, IL has over a 30% Hispanic population. While other non-Hispanic demographics were responding to direct response campaigns, the Hispanic group was not. The challenge was to create a Hispanic-targeted direct response piece that would connect with this tight-knit community.

Utilizing a 4/4 folded self mailer with a detachable BRC, the copy was re-written to appeal to the values of this Hispanic Community – Family, Commitment, and Community. In addition, some Hispanic copy and call-outs are utilized. The color palette was also chosen with this demographic in mind. Lastly, personalized URL is utilized.

The pieces showcases all programs offered at the Aurora, IL campus.


Response Rate: 7%

Customer Benefits: Increased qualified leads within the Hispanic community of Aurora, IL.