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Why Nonprofit Direct Mail?

The most perfectly crafted message goes unheeded if it is never delivered. Southwest Direct recognizes this reality and tailors our nonprofit mailing services to help our clients deliver their message in the most effective way possible.

Target Your Message

Your nonprofit organization has an important message to send to the world. Finding the people who are most likely to be interested in your message can be difficult. Direct mail affords additional data which will enable you to choose your audience. By incorporating geographic data, relative income and other factors associated with a physical address, nonprofit organizations are able to get the most from their communications.

Have Your Message Read

Physical mail is much more likely to be opened and read than an electronic message. The tactile experience of opening a piece of mail adds another dimension to your message, making it much more likely that your message will be received. Nonprofit direct mail is the best way for your message to be opened, read and acted upon.

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