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Main Services

    • Alumni Fundraising

      Alumni and other stakeholders have a tremendous role in assuring that their alma mater embraces a thriving "culture of sustainability, accountability and survivability." SouthWest Direct utilizes expertise, innovative strategies and emerging technologies to engage your constituency.
    • Agent Recruitment

      Whether you want to target a segment of the market, or recruit producers nationwide, our segmentation capabilities allow you to custom build your list by geographic region, product specialty, licenses held, company appointments, and more.
    • Conceptual Creative

      Comprehensive campaign results tracking ensures your marketing dollars are achieving optimal efficiencies. Based on your objectives, a variety of analysis points can be included in your campaign analysis package. Results can be communicated efficiently allowing your team to review campaign progress effortlessly.
    • Direct Mail

      Direct mail has versatile format options and cost-effective production. Once combined with online marketing and other strategies it can dramatically increase your response rates.
    • Email Marketing

      E-mail marketing from SouthWest Direct is another critical element to support your direct response campaign efforts. Our integrated postal and email marketing solutions can merge your online and offline marketing campaigns to achieve dramatic results and high returns. Direct mail and traditional campaigns, working side by side with e-mail marketing, can have a substantial impact on lead generation and response rates.
    • Lead Generation

      Southwest Direct partners with you to generate leads through supported branding or messaging. We can develop conceptual copy that supports your objective and most importantly, drives your lead goals.
    • Online Response

      SouthWest Direct will create general landing pages, or GURLs, or PURLs for use in capturing online leads. This will allow you greater control of lead capture, conversion tracking, and overall campaign analysis. Like PURLs, GURLs can also be used in conjunction with direct mail and e-mail campaigns, or any other activity that drives traffic to the Internet.
    • Results Analysis

      Comprehensive campaign results tracking ensures your marketing dollars are achieving optimal efficiencies, lead generation, and, most importantly, return on your investment. Based on your objectives, a variety of analysis points can be included in your campaign package. Results can be communicated efficiently and allows your team to review campaign progress effortlessly.
    • Student Recruitment

      SouthWest Direct’s full-service Student Recruitment Solutions have helped many career schools and universities reach an optimal cost-per-lead and achieve enrollment goals. Our team works closely with each school to create effective direct response campaigns that capture the essence of the school, as well as the attention of the prospective student.


Full Service Model

Southwest Direct serves as a powerful extension of your team, a single source for everything your marketing project requires—as much or as little as you need.

  • Attract new customers and prospects
  • Deliver a compelling message
  • Make informed marketing decisions

Southwest Direct’s full-service model offers you peace of mind – we can manage every facet of your project from inception to follow-up analysis. Our project management expertise will support you in building your marketing program from the ground up, or just help you analyze your programs to recommend more effective strategies.

We develop marketing strategies and action plans based on your goals, design dynamic creative design and layout, and oversee full production and execution. Then we analyze the data from your campaigns and make recommendations on how you can enhance your future results. In short, we provide all the services you need for a turn-key solution, so you can focus on growing your business.


Strategic Planning

Southwest Direct kicks-off each project with a thorough review of your strategic goals and tactical assets. During this phase we:

  • Ask questions, listening to your feedback, goals, and challenges
  • Evaluate past programs
  • Review previous efforts and related metrics
  • Study existing client data as it relates to your objectives

Audience Targeting

Selecting your target audience is the single most important element in direct marketing. Whether you are reaching out to businesses or consumers, we can help you pinpoint your target market. We identify the most precise target audience possible in order to ensure that your messages are delivered to consumers who are prepared to act. Based on your goals and objectives, we analyze your existing customer and prospect databases, or we can build a target profile to isolate key response indicators like demographics, psychographics, purchase history, etc. The result—a laser focus on your target audience.


Data Analysis

How do you measure your success? We believe any marketing you undertake needs to be measured. How else can you know if things are working and be able to evaluate results? Southwest Direct will pull all your data together and help you interpret your results, and measure response and Return on Investment (ROI). Our data driven approach informs your strategic decision making. Results can be communicated efficiently and your team can review campaign progress effortlessly. SouthWest Direct offers predictive lead scoring services.


Creative Services

The Southwest Direct Creative can produce marketing pieces that really work. Our designers and copywriters produce current, unique and professional looking creative approaches to match your company’s brand. Whether it’s banner ads, emails, or landing page design – let our creative team take your project to the next level and boost loyalty with their innovative and out-of-the-box approach to creative marketing. Southwest Direct brings years of experience and expertise to each project, so we can create impactful executions that get results.