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Manatee County Utilities Billing

Business Process Outsourcing: Print / Mail / Electronic
Manatee County Utilities Billing


RFP# 09-2176FL Generation & Mailing of Utility Bills and Notices

Vertical Market:

Utility Billing


Manatee County Utilities Billing

Program Objectives:

Project objective was to save Manatee County money by outsourcing the print, mail, and electronic delivery functions as currently done in house. The Southwest Direct solution eliminated the need for costly overhead including: printed forms, mailing and reply envelopes, freight, storage, spoilage, toner, equipment leases on printers, folder, meters, inserters, service and maintenance contracts, and employee related costs of payroll, health insurance and benefits.


#10 double-window envelope, #9 single window envelope, 8.5 x 11 custom full color form, data processing (CASS, NCOA, DPV, LACS, Presort), variable digital imaging, folding, inserting and delivery to the post office within 24 hours. Online view and archive of PDF documents for CSR research and electronic delivery.


Southwest Direct was able to successfully outsource 1.75 million documents annually for the County including Utility bills, Delinquent notices, Collection notices, Clerk of Courts letters, Construction Notices, Backflow letters, and Library notices.

The project involved multiple iterations as the County was completing a software conversion. Additional services included a web-based Online View and Archive which served as a customer service lookup tool for printed documents. The Archive was also the basis for electronic delivery notifications for the Counties customers. The outsourcing project was completed on time and within budget as set by the RFP guidelines.


Customer Benefits: Improved print mail processing turnaround time, reduced customer service call volume, improved cash flow, and reduced overhead costs.