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Healthcare Billing Solutions

Southwest Direct Statement Services is perfect for sending patient statements, letter bills, detail bills, data mailers, summary statements, notices or invoices. We understand the unique needs of healthcare providers regarding data security, patient confidentiality, and HIPAA regulations. Southwest Direct provides service to Hospitals, Physician Groups, Billing Companies, Collections Agencies and Health Systems across the country. Since 1988, Southwest Direct has been providing high quality mailing services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and retention. We focus on the unique mailing requirements of the healthcare industry.

Our graphic design and programming teams can custom design a billing statement that highlights your organizations unique image. We offer custom programming ideas and solutions that go beyond the limits of your IS system. Our creative design staff can make your billing communication stand out. Southwest Direct can make your bills more patient-friendly and easy to understand. Each statement mailed is personalized and formatted to your exacting specifications. Learn how Southwest Direct can help your organizations bottom line with online document archiving, electronic statement delivery, online payments, text payments.

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