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Collection Letters

Mailing your letters with Southwest Direct allows you to collect more money, in less time, with less effort. Southwest Direct understands that collectors seek the most cost effective mailing method and have solutions to fit those needs. Southwest Direct wants to be your letter vendor.

Southwest Direct offers complete turn-key solutions for collection letter print mail production. We offer several advantages over in-house processing, including cost, accuracy, speed, security, customization, and programming. Time is money, so we provide same day service on all our mailings. Southwest Direct offers customized programming, design, letter layout, data triggers for special messaging, secure data transmission and accurate processing.

Southwest Direct is mindful of how state and federal regulation affect the credit and collections industry. We are able to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace. We offer flexibility and responsiveness to our customers. Southwest Direct has procedures in place to ensure quality control and secure production. We have the experience, equipment, facilities and dedicated staff to produce your mail accurately and on time.

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