Why Should You Outsource Your EMS Billing

Outsourcing billing process is straightforward for practice staff. Superbills and other important documents are scanned and electronically transmitted to the medical billing service. The EMS billing solutions provider takes care of data entry and claim submission on behalf of the practice.

An EMS billing service provider takes care of most of the “dirty work” associated with your billing processes. This includes following up on rejected claims, pursuing delinquent accounts and sending invoices directly to your patients. The convenience factor is a major reason why you should choose to outsource, especially considering that 12 percent of the population is uninsured.

Besides convenience, there are many other factors that should spur you to consider outsourcing your billing.

An Inefficient Billing Process

If you have been watching your practice’s collections dwindle while it takes longer to collect, you may be having major problem in your billing department. Outsourcing to an expert EMS billing service can help decrease the number of rejected claims you deal with and decrease the time it takes to receive payment from payers.

Not Tech Savvy

Keeping your billing in-house requires that you invest in practice management software. On top of this, add the extra costs required for training your staff. Otherwise, your investment in the software will come to nothing. If you do not want to deal with the headaches of frequent upgrades and technical breakdown issues, outsourcing your billing processes will be a good choice.

Different Priorities

Doctors are trained to help their patients, not to have to worry about the clerical/administrative side of the business. Bill process outsourcing eliminates the hassle and frees medical practitioners to concentrate on providing their patients the best possible care.

High Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is an issue that faces every industry, but in a medical provider’s billing department, it can be particularly damaging. Claim processing is what drives your practice, and continuously changing the department’s staff will inevitably slowdown processing.

You are a New Provider

New providers have plenty to learn in providing their patients with excellent care besides having to constantly deal with billing problems. Outsourcing your billing from the very beginning will give you the much needed relief from the mundane daily stress of running a new practice without trial by error in managing, training and hiring of employees.

At SouthWest Direct, Inc. EMS billing solutions, we are committed to offering our clients with turnkey services that provide them with total peace of mind. We understand that you require an efficient and accurate EMS billing process from an industry expert who understands the regulatory details and has foresight to constantly refine the process to fully maximize your revenue potential. Click here to learn more.

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