Three Simple Tips for Generating Insurance Leads

Everyone needs insurance – it has become a necessity in the 21st century. But there’s a barrier that exists as that keeps people skeptical and on the lookout for the most “Bang for their buck.” Breaching that barrier requires trust and influence, and achieving that is the art of marketing and sales. If you’re looking for a way to build a stronger insurance lead generation, then the best way is to develop techniques to speak to people’s sense of trust – and that’s not a hard thing to do.

Keep Things Friendly

A simple tip is to turn second and third cold calls into friendly re-connections. If you avoid creating stale leads, you can turn potential customers who have previously turned you down into realized customers. A great approach would be to send them a handwritten note. One could do this to create a personal connection – telling them that you’ll call within the next few days to inquire about their needs. By writing letters like that for every lead that you’ve previously contacted you’ll have created a special reminder that’ll help create better rapport during your call a few days later.

Utilize Social Media

Another positive approach regarding insurance lead generation is to utilize the Internet because it is a powerful tool. A good example would be to create and/or use a personal social media account in order to generate leads through your account. You can do this through two simple steps.

1. Establish that you’re someone worth listening to. You can either share interesting or funny content through your page or engage with other users on their own statuses to show your commitment and joy in connecting with others.

2. You can then begin introducing your industry into your content. Sharing an insurance article and then briefly mentioning how the information in the article could help your clients can pique the interest of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers and help you net anyone already looking for an insurance provider.

Direct Mail Still Effective

A third approach would be to focus on going local. By creating a strong sense of local involvement within the community your company is based in, you can create a better sense of interaction with you and your customers. A great way to show your interact with potential clients is through direct mailers. Mail might seem old-fashioned to some companies, but receiving an advertisement through the mail is still a rarer event than seeing one as a banner ad to some local newspaper.

SouthWest Direct can help you use paper and ink for your insurance lead generation, supplementing your other techniques with a cheap way to attract the attention of local homeowners and tenants picking up their morning mail.

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