Should Medical Providers Outsource Their Billing Services?

If you’re in charge of a hospital or any type of emergency service, you know what it’s like to have to work within a budget. Healthcare is a difficult business, and it’s not made any easier by the fact that you’re dealing with other people’s well-being. Simply put, the costs of running a facility can be outrageous.

Of course, cutting corners could cost you in the long-run (think lawsuit), but cutting costs is a moral imperative. However, a medical provider can outsource several services that have nothing to do with the actual healthcare services they provide – such as EMS ambulance billing in emergencies, or the mailing of regular hospital bills for the costs of various healthcare services.

Allows Staff to Focus on Patients, not Bills

There are several pros to outsourcing a hospital’s medical bills. The most important one is that it frees up hospital staff from having to deal with printing and distributing hospital bills, as well as keeping track of what bills have been sent and received. In the hectic environment of an emergency room of a hospital when combined with lower budgets, the margin for medical billing errors can also be substantial.

Errors in medical bills are grounds for insurance companies to reject a medical billing claim – which can be the source for both major costs and a major headache for the hospital.

Keeping Up with Regulations

By outsourcing billing, hospitals can free up their staff and choose a company with a guaranteed rate of excellence. Billing companies are also forced to keep up with the rapidly evolving regulations within the healthcare market, whereas hospitals and physicians would be wise to spend their time worrying more about patients than numbers on a bill.

By eliminating in-house billing a company could reduce costs by a substantial margin. Printing is an expensive thing to do, and delivery takes both time and money. By outsourcing hospitals can save themselves a lot of headache and a considerable amount of money on printers, ink, and paper.

SouthWest Direct has experience working with medical billing and EMS ambulance billing for hospitals on several occasions. They continue to aim for the simple goal of eliminating overhead and reducing the amount of staff dedicated to managing the printing and delivery of medical bills. The matter is even more pressing in emergency services, where staffing can be limited, and more important. They also understand the importance of remaining completely financially-accurate, and take care to individualize each bill.

SouthWest Direct is a Florida-based business communications firm. They serve insurance companies, hospitals, non-profits and other businesses and have been handing their letter, mailing and billing needs for nearly three decades. To find out more, check out their services at

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