It’s Time to Consider Outsourcing Statement Processing

When you’re running a productive company that is highly specialized, one of the most important things you have on your plate to worry about is billing. Yet the process is often so cumbersome, that it’s the last thing you want to concern yourself with in the midst of your everyday operations and then there’s the infrastructure required to run a productive billing department. In order to do it right, you must have a correctly functioning system complete with software, computers and personnel to work with it. As your company grows, plan on your billing department, its processes, and expenses to expand right along with it.

Whether you’re considering eliminating your existing billing department and outsourcing the process or your business has grown enough in size that billing is no longer a one-person job, we have the answers for you at Southwest Direct. We are ready to offer you cost-effective and time-saving solutions for statement processing so you can eliminate the headache of billing concerns.

Specialized Services

We specialize in helping utilities and healthcare companies with statement processing. For our utilities clients, we offer several options custom tailored to your needs. Consider using our consumption history features for a personalized experience for each of your customers. You can present them with things like usage graphs and charge details so there will be no question when it comes to why they are being billed in a certain manner.

For our healthcare clients, we bring to our statement processing services a unique knowledge of privacy in the areas of patient confidentiality and data security. We provide services to companies involved in all types of healthcare data processing, from billing companies to hospitals. If your company is involved in health care, chances are, we can help you.

Streamlined Processes

Our expert team is available to streamline the invoicing process in a way that will leave both you and your clients more satisfied and stress-free. Consider the fact that invoicing is a form of direct communication with your clients. The more streamlined of a process making a payment is for your clients, the more they’ll appreciate you in the long run. This helps strengthening your overall relationship with them. We can also devise strategies to help the processing companies you work with to save dramatically on that step, too.

So when you’re ready to take the next step in statement processing, contact us.

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