How to Find the Right Mailing List for Your Business

No matter the niche market you are targeting, being in front of your target audience and regularly promoting your products or services is critical in generating new business. This involves doing a direct mail campaign. Of the three key elements of your campaign – the list, the offer and design – the list is the most important. Using the right targeted mailing lists yields dramatically better results than standard lists or poorly targeted lists.

Building Your List

You have two options as you compile a list for your mailing campaigns:

  • Compile own list from your current customer base and prospects
  • Purchasing a list from a quality provider

Compiling your own list is the cheapest option. However, if you had not put in place systems to capture customer details, it may take time and effort to compile a large list. Buying a list from a provider requires little effort on your part, but you need to be prepared to invest in monetary value. The best option for you depends on your business’ particular needs and marketing.

Identifying Ideal Prospects for Your Business

An effective marketing campaign should identify people with a desire to use or purchase your product, and presenting them with an attractive offer they will find hard to skip. Targeting already interested prospects places you at an added advantage from the very beginning.

Identifying the Right List Type

Essentially, here are three of the most common types of mailing lists;

  • The in-house list – This is the list you create within your business and it contains your current and past customers as well as anyone who contacted your business. A house list is effective since the prospects already know and trust your business.
  • The response list – A list that includes individuals who have responded to businesses offering the same products you have. Providers are the best sources of such lists these include direct mail companies, private list companies and magazines. Although the prospects have not responded directly to you, they have interest in your type of products, meaning they will be warm to your offer.
  • Targeted demographic list – A list of anyone within your target demographics like number of children in the home, income level, geographic location, gender and age, it requires that be very specific about who your target clientele is.

The key to getting the best targeted mailing lists possible is to work with a good list provider. At SouthWest Direct, Inc., we will work with you to identify your target market, give expert assistance throughout the process and suggest which lists will work well for your needs. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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