4 Tips for Successful Local Advertising

Successful local advertising relies on understanding your community. As a business, customer service, reputation management and promoting are also very important. These are a difficult combination to put together and execute. Studies show that roughly half of all small businesses crash and burn after a period of four years – and while many factors play into that, part of the reason is that these businesses didn’t advertise as well as they could have.

If you want to maximize your advertising potential, here are a couple very simple tips you and your business can follow:

1. Smart Budgeting

Think of advertising as an investment, not a cost. A common mistake businesses make sometimes is that they lack an active approach in the development of their advertising. They may buy some clicks online, try half-heartedly to direct traffic towards their website or buy an ad in a local newspaper. By setting a monthly budget and devising a plan to follow through, you can quantify your advertising buck and track its usefulness throughout several methods.

2. Reward Customer Loyalty

Make sure your advertising comes in the form of something beneficial to the customer. It’s important to interact with your customer base, especially locally. You can show your customers you care by providing seasonal discounts on your services – for example, HVAC services can reduce prices during winter and summer, and offer consistent free content to their customers via newsletters offering tips for keeping cool (or warm).

3. Provide legit Industry Information

Gear your marketing strategy towards the customer’s needs and problems, by helping them with practicality you can increase your brand’s relevancy. Content is an important tool, especially in your local market. By being a legitimate source of information, you can put a stronger basis of trust behind your products and services – and in a similar vein, getting ads in local radio and newspaper is a better investment than advertising online because you’re targeting your community directly.

4. Acknowledge a Sense of Urgency

Make use of scarcity to introduce urgency in your customer’s mind. Time sensitive mail is an example of this because by sending customers a special offer in the mail you can engage your prospective clients in ways that an email or another message can’t. Time sensitive mail requires a specialized service that ensures its on-time delivery, at all times. SouthWest Direct can help you get your time sensitive mail – whether for advertising or other purposes – out and about.

SouthWest Direct is a Florida-based business communications firm, with nearly three decades of experience. They provide businesses with the tools they need to reach out to their customers, helping businesses cut in-house costs and still preserve quality. To reach out to them, check out their services here: http://swdirect.com/services.php

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