4 Easy Ways to Advertise Your Business Locally

One of the best ways for small businesses to build their customer base is to focus on their local market. Meaning, if you are focusing on a target demographic that is lower in cost, it will allow for a better type of targeted marketing. How should local startups go about interacting with and becoming part of the local community of businesses?

Here are a couple simple and cost conscious tips that any new business can take advantage of to rise in the local ranks.

1. Get Listed in Directories

It’s a simple first step, but for many, it can be a great way to advertise your establishment. Setting up a Yelp page, a Facebook page, a Yahoo! Local page and other online directories that are often visited can help people looking for businesses in your area get to yours quickly.

2. Press Releases

Interacting with the local press is a great place to direct information pertaining to your business acumen. As a local business looking to post a paid press release in order to generate name recognition in local newspapers and business magazines is a positive way to stay visible. In the day and age where everyone can get online, seeing a business name in print on a piece of paper helps people associate the business with a more tangible level of trust.

3. Direct mail advertising

In contrast to its local counterpart, direct mail advertising campaigns shouldn’t be about getting as many fliers out there as possible – it should be about creating a content-rich newsletter that will get your potential readers talking, turning homeowners and tenants into customers.

4. Radio Air-Time

Donating funds or a prize to the local radio station will help you get massive exposure through the airwaves. Despite the internet dominating globally as a source of marketing power, it still works far more for international businesses than it does for businesses targeting local communities. Radio and newspaper are still legitimate sources of news and information, and that makes them trusted sources – and trust is good for business.

These are all tips you can implement without having to do much work online, although it’s still a good idea to interact with local customers through social media and a company website. SouthWest Direct can help you develop trust and legitimacy in the eyes of your customer base, all while getting out there through traditional and modern methods.

SouthWest Direct is a Florida-based communications company, built to help businesses establish themselves through qualitative letters and print marketing methods, as well as online methods. For more information about their services, visit http://swdirect.com/services.php

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