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Dixie County Property Appraiser

Dixie County Property Appraiser: Print / Mail / Electronic
Dixie County Property Appraiser


Real Estate Tax Notices and Tax Notice Reminders

Vertical Market:

County Tax Collection


Dixie County Tax Collector

Program Objectives:

Notify property owners and as well as mortgage holders of the tax liability for each dwelling, unit, commercial property or parcel located in Dixie County, Florida.


#10 single window envelope, #9 regular reply envelope. 8 x 11 tax notice printed duplex, 8.5 x 11 information insert printed duplex, data processing (CASS, NCOA, DPV, LACS, Presort), folding, collating, house holding, inserting and delivery to the post office by state mandated deadline.


Project objective was to migrate from an existing vendor to Southwest Direct and provide for a more cost effective and dependable solution for Dixie County. Each year the County must send Real Estate Tax Notices and Tax Notice Reminders to the property owners within a specific deadline, as mandated by Florida state law. The test data was extracted from Dixie County's Manatron MVP system (now Thompson Reuters), creating 2 data files for real estate records as well as tangible personal property records. The mailing was comprised of 4 subsets including real estate, escrow mortgage, tangible and escrow informational. Southwest Direct created a document template, provided document mapping and completed the project within a 2 week timeline. This project included house holding (aka groupings) by exact name and address in order to limit the number of packages and reduce postage costs. The live project was produced within the County's 2 week deadline for mailing. All 17,000 notices were mailing on time and within budget.


Customer Benefits: Cost savings, reduced production costs, postage savings, improved turnaround and delivery time.